Changelog for python-chess

New in v1.2.0

New features:

  • Added chess.Board.ply().

  • Added chess.pgn.GameNode.ply() and chess.pgn.GameNode.turn().

  • Added chess.engine.PovWdl, chess.engine.Wdl, and conversions from scores: chess.engine.PovScore.wdl(), chess.engine.Score.wdl().

  • Added chess.engine.Score(*, mate_score: int) -> int overload.


  • The PovScore returned by chess.pgn.GameNode.eval() is now always relative to the side to move. The ambiguity around [%eval #0] has been resolved to Mate(-0). This makes sense, given that the authors had standard chess in mind (where a game ending move is always a loss for the opponent). Previously this would be parsed as None.

  • Typed chess.engine.InfoDict["wdl"] as the new chess.engine.PovWdl, rather than Tuple[int, int, int]. The new type is backwards compatible, but it is recommended to use its documented fields and methods instead.

  • Removed chess.engine.PovScore.__str__(). String representation falls back to __repr__.

  • The en_passant parameter of chess.Board.fen() and chess.Board.epd() is now typed as Literal["legal", "fen", "xfen"] rather than str.

New in v1.1.0

New features:

  • Added chess.svg.board(..., orientation). This is a more idiomatic way to set the board orientation than flipped.

  • Added chess.svg.Arrow.pgn() and chess.svg.Arrow.from_pgn().


  • Further relaxed chess.Board.parse_san(). Now accepts fully specified moves like e2e4, even if that is not a pawn move, castling notation with zeros, null moves in UCI notation, and null moves in XBoard notation.

New in v1.0.1


  • chess.svg: Restored SVG Tiny compatibility by splitting colors like #rrggbbaa into a solid color and opacity.

New in v1.0.0

See CHANGELOG-OLD.rst for changes up to v1.0.0.